Shivapuri was founded by Parama Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj who reiterated the Eternal Vedic message in the form of Fivefold Path. Shivapuri is distinguished by a massive Yajnya Pillar which was erected as a symbol of the unparalleled Vedic Somayag of 1969, announcing the ringing in of the New Era of super-science, knowledge and universal brotherhood.


Maheshwar Goshala

The Homa Therapy Goshala is situated on the north bank of the Narmada River about 4 km east of Maheshwar.
It is one of the three Planetary Points of Light for ushering in the New Age.
Maheshwar Goshala also plays host to the series of seven Maha Somayags inspired by Shree Vasant.



Tapovan is a 15 acre Homa Organic farm situated in the north of Maharashtra state in India. Tapovan is an ancient place of Healing Fires. During the course of time this practice was lost and now it is revived.
March 25th, 2001 saw the commencement of 24 hour round-the-clock Om Tryambakam Yajnya healing fire which continues to this day.


Fivefold Path Mission is not affiliated with any religion. Its purpose is simply to spread Parama Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj's message of Agnihotra and Fivefold Path, the essence of Vedas.

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Agnihotra - Greatest Material Aid

"When we are born in a human frame, everything that is required to make a human life fruitful is automatically endowed to us."

This is how the great Master, Shree Vasant, began His introductory talk on Agnihotra and Homa Therapy in Sydney, Australia, July 1989.

Shree Vasant continues:

"Be thou perfect as thy Father which is in heaven is perfect." - Matthew 5:48

Perfection is the goal laid before humanity. How to achieve that perfection?

"Be ye transformed by the renewing of the mind." - Romans 12:2

This is the modus operandi. For this transformation of the mind in the direction of 'Total Love' you will find Agnihotra is the greatest material aid.

What is the Fivefold Path

The Eternal Principles of religion (satya dharma) were revealed at the time of creation. They are summarized in five words:

  • Yajnya: Purification of pranic content of the atmosphere through the agency of fire. This leads to purification of the mind.
  • Daan: Sharing of assets in a spirit of humility to reduce attachment.
  • Tapa: Self discipline, austerities, penance of body, mind and speech for fruition of thy affirmations.
  • Karma: Good action, virtuous deeds for self-purification.
  • Swadhyaya: Study of Self. Who am I? For liberation.

This is the Fivefold Path. The same message was reiterated by all messengers of God in words suited to the conditions in which they manifested.

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