June 2016


       Nothing is so important to allow it to make you angry. Under no such conditions we should get angry. People are too quick to anger. No one person is to blame but when you know how important time is, it is your responsibility to use it properly. Remove your anger and your pride. It is so simple. Keep quiet. Then that impulse to anger falls away.

      It becomes difficult for a person to remain angry in a loving atmosphere. One simply cannot do it. Either the person must leave or he becomes calm and loving himself. It is impossible to sit, for example, in a Fire Temple for fifteen minutes and walk out angry. Let your house be a place like that.

Master Shree Vasant, 1975

    Fivefold Path
Practice the Fivefold Path and you become a better member of your family or community. You will become a more righteous Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Zoroastrian, Sikh, Jain, whatever be your formal religious label. You may be an atheist or agnostic, you will benefit by practicing the Fivefold Path. The Fivefold Path sets up life patterns based on bio-psychological techniques given through Vedic knowledge. You need not carry the hypothesis of God to practice the Fivefold Path. You start the practice and knowledge will be unfolded to you from within. Believe only what you experience. This is the approach of a true scientist.


What happens in the world directly affects every one of us. No one is exempt from it. So it is also in relationships. How we relate to others directly affects all around us. Just as you see if you and your husband or wife argue your children begin to be weary. Sometimes a child will sleep more or lose interest in eating or become easily angered or sullen and withdrawn. That is on a smaller scale. On a larger scale, all that is thought. All actions taken directly result in reactions all around the world. So let us take care always to have pure thoughts as well as positive actions.

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