Agnihotra Timetables

1. Create your own Agnihotra timetable using online software.

PC and MAC friendly. Pinpoint your exact location using Google Maps. Once you have found your exact location on the map simply click your location and hit the ‘Next’ button. You can then choose either one full year timetable or alternatively any particular date range. Click on the link below to go the website on which you can create your own Agnihotra timetable online.
(Link opens to a new page)

2. Mobile Apps:  Agnihotra timings for your location using mobile apps.

3. Request your Agnihotra Timetable by email.  Click on the link below (opens in new page) to fill up form.

4. Desktop Software Program: Click here to download program and calculate the timings yourself. The program requires input of latitude and longitude data and time zone data. You can find these data using mapping programs such as Google Earth, etc.

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