Mission Outreach

Fivefold Path Mission is working in the villages of Khargone District in Madhya Pradesh to spread awareness about Agnihotra, Homa Organic Farming and Fivefold Path.

Barwah Tehsil

Fivefold Path Mission is working with Manas Rural Development Institute, an NGO since May 2009 in Barwah, Dist. Khargone, Madhya Pradesh, India. Fivefold Path Mission provides Manas technical support in disseminating the knowledge of Ancient Science of Vruksha Ayurveda.

Fivefold Path Mission along with Manas is working in almost 30 villages around Barwah. The main goal is to teach Agnihotra and Homa Organic Farming. Teaching and implementing organic farming practices at ground level. Presentations on acid rains; soil, water and land pollution; side effects of chemical farming and effects of organic farming are shown to the farmers.