1. Pushti (पुष्टी)

Pushti means Nourishment

Pushti is Nourishment and also Prosperity.

The healing properties of Agnihotra provide the necessary nourishment and give Health. The power of life comes from the Agnihotra fire.

Agnihotra’s energy, smoke and ash give that nourishment and enrich our lives.

Tremendous amounts of energies are gathered around the pyramid of Agnihotra. A magnetic-type field is produced which neutralizes negative energies. Therefore, a positive pattern is created by one who performs Agnihotra.

The energy cycle of the earth is kept in order providing nourishment to all.

2. Tushti (तुष्टी)

Tushti means Contentment

Contentment is the emotional state of Satisfaction and Happiness.

Agnihotra is such a wonderful process that by performing Agnihotra we are creating a healing atmosphere, which provides health. With Agnihotra which you perform, in your home, you also heal the atmosphere of your neighbours.

Do you know any action which can do such a thing? Or, if you do know, do you perform that action which has the power to do something good to others. And do you perform action consistently again and again?

That is why Agnihotra has the power to give us Satisfaction and Happiness, that we can serve so many others along with helping ourselves. 

Actually Agnihotra is a selfless act with a noble purpose of creating a healthy atmosphere.

Agnihotra atmosphere gives nourishment to the life of the plant. You can notice the effect on plants within few weeks if they are kept in a room where Agnihotra is regularly practised. Once the plants and birds sense the smoke of Agnihotra they know that Agnihotra is coming and they are satisfied.

3. Shanti (शांती)

Shanti means Peace

Peace is harmony and tranquillity.

Agnihotra is the way to be safe and happy on Earth.

All living things in nature whatever it may be trees, animals and human beings are exposed to toxic pollutants. It is difficult to escape its harmful effects. Agnihotra is the way to save the world now for anyone who is willing to listen and practice.

Ultimately, when you and society as a whole are healthy and happy there will be Peace.



Sarvajit Paranjpe

 August, 2020